Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga Chapter 203| Demon Slayer Manga

Sumijiro has been a demon.

Oni Mai Tsuji as an individual was overthrown by all the Oni Squads, but it seems that the final decisive battle was held inside Sumijiro!

I was very impressed because I had never seen such a final boss battle!

Episode 203 Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration, Welcome back Jijiro!

I was wondering where to start checking, but the following ones had a strong impact.

The hands of Oni Tsuji’s demon hands are entwined, entwining the entwined mind of Jiro Jiro.

Sumijiro’s irresistible atmosphere, the devilishness of Kimai Tsuji is exorbitant!

Even if Jiro is still full of wounds, he should be in a situation where he should die.

Under such circumstances, this way of pressing is dangerous …!

Chojiro was chosen to become the king of demons and was infused with all of the Oni Mai Tsuji.

The fact that many demons have endured and endured the blood of Oni Mai Tsuji that they have long wanted, and have overcome even the sunlight.

If you fully understand this area, you may feel that you can understand the hope and despair of Kimai Tsuji!

It can be said that he gave the most miserable type of defeat in the scene stripped from the last Oni Mai Tsuji …!

The most miserable type of defeat!

Jinjiro won the Oni Mai Tsuji.

The definitive scene is below. I think the effect of the drug on returning to humans is also effective, but Sumijiro defeated Taiman with Kimai Tsuji!

But the real last battle will be “in the spirit of Minjiro” …! amazing!

There are things like fighting with a boss in a different space in games, etc., but I think it was the most natural and fun way to express it!

Then, the end of Oni Tsuji. Boruto Manga

The appearance of “wait and ask!” Was no longer the devilishness of Oni Tsuji!

Onimai Tsuji, who has believed in his overwhelming power and repeated power harassment, has something that he cannot do as he wishes.

On the other hand, Jinjiro feels like he has kept his will until the end!

Onimai Tsuji is more afraid, but the one who is strong in spirit was gentle Jiro Jiro … not too cool! ?

So, this time, the following is a rejuvenation when Minjiro Jiro returns properly!

There was a shocking cut (a lot of silhouettes of pillars were drawn among the dead people …) before this, but for the time being, Jiro Jiro helped … I can’t help but delight. It is.

Will Jiro, Inosuke, and Yoshinori become pillars from now on?

But the fact that there are no demons means you don’t need a demon slaughter squad, so is it really dismantled?

What will happen to the stories after each of the hard work to defeat the demons … I can’t help but look forward to the next demon blade!!


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