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The devilish blade that blows away at top speed this week!

Below, I would like to show Batowan’s impressions and consideration after reading Episode 202!

Minjiro Yaba! Kanameko did his best, but what’s going on!

202 Chapter Spoilers confirmed impressions, consideration

The first thing I want to check is the following cut. Here, as in the last time, Jiro Sumitomo is completely insane and rampages. However, I haven’t reached the point of killing raw soybeans, and it seems that some intention is working there! Although it is almost torn by the blood of Oni Tsuji, it’s a point where he is fighting at the last minute … Then I would like to touch on the following.

Here you can see a lot of bones popping up from the back of Sumijiro, and you can see that it looks amazing! It really feels like a demon king … but what happens? By the way, I would like to note that this scene, the number of bruise on the face of Jinjiro is increasing.

There is a bruise on both foreheads and cheeks. This element may become a hint for the future!

I used red amaryllis!

The next cut I want to check is the following. Uh, I have used cluster amaryllis! Last one time …! This technique used by Kanawo-san makes the eyes red due to the pressure on the eyeballs, raising the visual acuity to the limit! It must have been for the purpose of absolutely succeeding in human return by approaching Sumijiro who made an overwhelming attack …!

Then, this last finishes with the following series of cuts. How should I judge this? Does Ichiou Kanawo’s aim pass? But this is a good deal, isn’t it? In this episode, two girls, Mameko and Kanawo, desperately stopped Sumijiro. Zenyaku and Inosuke also fought hard to fight. I could manage to defeat Oni Mai Tsuji, but is there really a way to stop Minjiro, who has turned into a demon that neither sword nor sunlight works? If the chemicals used by Kanawo do not work, it is almost out, and there is a possibility that the “Overthrow / Jinjiro edition” will start …!

In any case, the fate of the work called Devil’s Blade is right now. No matter if the scenario converges or the second part begins, there is no doubt that the tense situation is imminent!


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